Case Study: AARP

AARP wanted to build a national radio network for its long and short form content in both English and Spanish.  They were also hopeful that while this network was communicating important information, it would also generate revenue for the organization. Finally, AARP was looking to improve the distribution and downloads of its podcasts.

What We Did:

  • Negotiated deals to have AARP content carried on existing radio networks
  • Created materials to market the content to other stations, and followed up to encourage those stations to sign on
  • Solicited sponsorships for the content using in-house staff while simultaneously training AARP’s sales team on how to add radio to their existing print and digital efforts.
  • Built an FTP site for AARP Radio that acts not only as a tool for distributing the content to stations across the country, but also automatically collects proof of performance affidavits from those stations.
  • Took over AARP iTunes account and registered Podcasts with other aggregators


  • AARP Radio content can now be heard on more than 300 stations across the country, and continues to add affiliates
  • Podcast download numbers have climbed steadily
  • Both MMG and AARP ad sales departments have placed targeted sponsorships on the programs