Case Study: Dr. Ken Kronhaus/Crest


Crest was collaborating with AARP to promote a new line of dental care products aimed at the 50+ demographic. The plan called for these products to be featured in AARP Magazine, AARP Bulletin, and in a custom co-branded microsite created specifically for this campaign. 

What We Did:

Screen Cap AARP Crest small

  • Negotiated for our client, Dr. Ken Kronhaus, to provide health-related content for the campaign, and for his name and likeness to be used in conjunction with the promotion as AARP's HEALTH EDITOR-AT-LARGE
  • MMG's creative services department worked with Dr. Ken to create the articles and tips needed for the campaign
  • Arranged for Dr. Ken to be added to Crest's Advisory Board
  • Acted as liaison for Dr. Ken with both AARP and Crest



  • Dr. Ken's content was featured across both AARP and Crest media assets for nine months
  • We are negotiating additional ways in which Dr. Ken will be involved with Crest above and beyond the scope of this campaign