Case Study: Dr. Will Miller

MMG client Dr. Will Miller was a unique individual – a combination stand-up comedian and licensed psychotherapist.  Together we decided to try to combine those two talents into a package that would distinguish him from his peers. We came up with “Dr. Will,” who created humorous psychological profiles of fictional TV characters, and set out to sell the idea to Viacom for their Nick At Nite cable channel.

What We Did:

  • Worked with Dr. Will to write scripts for a series of short promotional videos
  • Produced and directed several pilot features to demonstrate concept
  • Negotiated deal with Viacom on client’s behalf


  • Dr. Will’s “Why We Watch” campaign ran on Nick at Nite for several years, and included long form specials and personal appearances

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  • The “Dr. Will” character struck a chord with the media. News outlets like DATELINE NBC and the Wall Street Journal did profiles of Will, which led to a book deal with Simon and Schuster and his own daytime talk show on NBC (“The Other Side”)